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Update: Florida Gas Transmission Phase VIII Expansion

By October 16, 2009No Comments

Main Line Valve

Florida Gas Transmission Company (FGT) has started to acquire property to expand its gas transmission lines. Some landowners have received verbal offers to purchase portions of their land from FGT agents. Other landowners may expect FGT to contact them in the very near future.

Landowners can expect that FGT agents may try to obtain information, documents and/or representations about their property. FGT may try to use any information obtained against landowners in court if the matter proceeds to litigation. Landowners contacted by FGT are under no legal obligation to disclose any information to FGT prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

If FGT offers you any information or documents, you can receive them without binding yourself to any obligations. Be certain to avoid signing any type of agreement. Florida law allows you to take the information provided by FGT to an experienced eminent domain attorney without any cost to you.

If FGT has already provided information to you regarding your property, FGT’s agents have contacted you, or you would like specific information about this project, please contact our firm at (813) 221-9000 or at

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