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Tampa Bay Express (TBX) Project Approved

On June 22, 2016, the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization voted to include the Tampa Bay Express (“TBX”) project as part of the Transportation Improvement Plan. Despite vocal and well organized opposition the vote passed 12 to 4. TBX is a $6 billion project the will add approximately 90 miles of toll lanes to Interstates 75, 275 and 4 throughout the Tampa Bay region. It will also provide the foot print for future mass transit options including rail. TBX also includes the redesign of interchanges at State Road 60 and I-275 in the Westshore area, at I-275 and I-4 in Downtown Tampa (malfunction junction) and the rebuilding of the Howard Franklin Bridge.

To make way of the project the Florida Department of Transportation (“FDOT”) will be acquiring properties from the Westshore District, Downtown Tampa and the communities of Ybor City, Tampa Heights and Seminole Heights. Under the Florida Constitution and State Law, an owner whose land is needed for the project is entitled to recover full compensation for the taking of its property. This includes the recovery of attorney’s fees and costs. Gaylord Merlin Ludovici & Diaz, Eminent Domain Lawyers is currently representing numerous owners who will be impacted by TBX to make certain that their rights are fully protected and that each owner receives full compensation for the taking of their property.

If you have questions related to TBX and how it might impact you, contact us today.