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Florida Votes NO on Anti-Property Rights Amendment

By November 2, 2010No Comments

November 2, 2010

Today, CPR members and readers have a chance to play a major role in shaping the history of the State of Florida and our nation.

Election Day is a day for celebrating one of the U.S. Constitution’s most important protections of private property – the ability to vote and select our government leaders.

This is a protection which many citizens around the world do not have.

It is a check on the power of government at the highest level.

We have the ability to say to our elected officials, “We are holding you personally accountable for your decisions impacting our freedom, liberty, economic rights and values.”

Today, CPR encourages you to vote and to celebrate that opportunity today. Acknowledge it is a vital protection of your individual rights, but if and only if it is used to truly check the overreach of government.

As you scan your ballot today, there will be candidates who represent a host of values, some candidates support a pro-property rights and pro-prosperity agenda as well as others who support a dramatically different agenda: who do not value private property rights or individual liberty and who believe property assets should be confiscated and “redistributed.” These candidates exist in both parties and among those with no party affiliation.

Citizens who value property rights and who appreciate their freedom should vote to support candidates who have supported or will champion individual liberty and individual economic opportunity.

Floridians will also have the opportunity to vote against Amendment 4 (the infamous Hometown Democracy amendment) which is a measure designed to destroy the property rights of all Floridians.

Today is your last opportunity to tell friends, family and colleagues about Amendment 4 and its negative impact on property rights and Florida’s economy.

I believe we are going to witness a historic moment in Florida, where the voters of Florida who have been educated about Amendment 4 — thanks to an unprecedented collective effort by citizens across hundreds of industries in Florida — will vote NO on 4 by a considerable margin.

I believe the margin of defeat of this ill-conceived amendment, will send a crystal clear message about the desire of Floridians to protect and preserve their private property rights.

Today – Let us each celebrate our individual ability to vote to protect our rights, our ability to freely communicate with others about issues like Amendment 4,  and all look forward to the news headline, “Florida Votes NO on Anti-Property Rights Amendment.”

Reader Responses Welcomed!

Carol Saviak
Executive Director
Coalition for Property Rights
2878 S. Osceola Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806

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