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Florida Farmers File Challenge Over Cropland Conversion Rights

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This past week, one of Florida’s largest agribusinesses and a staunch national defender of private property rights, the United States Sugar Corporation, partnered with the American Farm Bureau Federation in filing a joint Administrative Procedure Act (APA) complaint in federal court challenging a recent change in the U.S. Corps of Engineers’ rules regarding prior converted croplands.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., takes the Corps to task for non-compliance with its own rules regarding prior converted croplands. The suit argues that recent action by the Corps goes against the 1993 rule that excluded prior converted croplands from regulation under the Clean Water Act (CWA).  The Corps’ actions would subject croplands to federal control if farmers take their prior converted cropland out of crop production and change its use. There are currently more than 53 million acres of prior converted cropland in the U.S.

“These lands are out of the realm of Clean Water Act jurisdiction, meaning the Corps can’t regulate them as waters of the U.S.,” said AFBF President Bob Stallman. “This is important because the value of prior converted croplands is significantly higher than land encumbered by costly federal wetlands regulations.”

Until recently, farmers could rely on the regulations established in 1993 and could use prior converted cropland for both agricultural and non-agricultural uses.  Many farmers use the equity in prior converted cropland as collateral for the capital needed for farm and other loans.  For many farmers, the development value of the land is an important asset.

“The Corps is now trying to arbitrarily change the rules of the game, which would have significant impacts on producers’ land values and property rights,” Stallman said.

“This is a case of government run amok.  The Corps cannot simply change policy on a whim and make arbitrary and capricious rulings that impact more than 53 million acres of America’s farm land.  In this instance, they have changed national Corps wetlands policy with nothing more than a memo,” said Judy Sanchez, director of corporate communications for U.S. Sugar.  “This ruling destroys farmers’ property rights in Florida and in every state in the nation,” said Sanchez.

The position of the Obama administration on the protection of private property rights is now quite clear.  We are continuing to witness sweeping actions by federal agencies – such as this change in how prior converted cropland are regulated. Almost every week, a new administrative rule or policy change, or new interpretation thereof, is being announced without any seeming consideration of the impact on property rights and the millions of citizens who make their living from the land. Unless these actions and policies are challenged in court and in mass by citizens aware of the dramatic changes underway which will impact future land use rights across America, we will continue to see increasing controls advanced by the federal government.

The inherent danger of incremental change, is that citizens do not see or suspect that total control over all private land is the desired outcome, until it is too late for citizens to fight back. There is no doubt where current trend lines are leading.

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