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Florida Eminent Domain Practice and Procedure Manual 10th Edition Released

The Florida Bar and LexisNexis have released the Tenth Edition of the Florida Eminent Domain Practice and Procedure Manual.  Gaylord Merlin partners Andrew Diaz, Blake Gaylord, Cary Gaylord, and Lorena Ludovici were contributing authors to the publication.  In addition, Andrew Diaz served as Chair of the manual’s steering committee.

The manual provides a comprehensive overview of current legal practice, including a detailed review of proceedings from both the condemnor’s and condemnee’s perspective.  The new edition contains the following:

  • Updated statutes, rules, and case law.
  • Newly revised Introduction by the current Chair of the Eminent Domain Committee of The Florida Bar.
  • Discussion of of hot topics, including:
    • Rights and ownership interests in funds deposited in the court registry, and any interest earned.
    • Excessive litigation by a condemning authority, and the entitlement of additional fees and costs in excess of the typical benefits-based fee.
    • Judicial split regarding severance damages valuation and the proper time to object to an inconsistent verdict.
    • The intentional imposition of, or maintaining, zoning in order to lower property values.
    • Attorney’s fees and what constitutes a “first offer” for purposes of calculating the benefit achieved.
    • The 2015 Florida Legislature’s amendments to Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act. Ch. 2015-142, Laws of Florida.

For more information or to order a copy of the manual, visit the LexisNexis website.