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Flordia Gas Transmission Phase VIII Expansion

By October 16, 2009No Comments

Installation of a Pipeline

Florida Gas Transmission Company (FGT), a subsidiary of Panhandle Energy & Southern Union Company, is expanding their existing gas transmission lines along the gulf coast. The stated goal of this project is to increase the capacity of the pipelines to accommodate the growing energy needs throughout Florida. The project which consists of ten “loops” (sections of pipelines that will run parallel to existing lines) and three newly constructed lines will increase the flow of natural gas by 1 billion cubic feet per day. This increase is said to be enough to natural gas to power an estimated 1 million homes daily.

FGT has already begun the pre-filing process which requires the company to submit a number of documents, including preliminary aerial alignment sheets, right-of-way maps, application of necessity and public convenience, a list of property owners who will be impacted by the expansion, and other various documents required by the Code of Federal Regulations (Read the regulation here—18 C.F.R. § 157.21) . Following approval of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), FGT will begin surveys, appraisals and acquisition of land through the use of eminent domain. Land owners will be notified by mail to inform them the intent of Florida Gas Transmission to acquire use or acquisition of their property. (click here to see a sample letter to landowners)

Once it has identified the necessary right-of-way, Florida Gas Transmission will begin the process of buying or condemning land by eminent domain. This process can be stressful and overwhelming for private property owners. Hiring an experienced eminent domain attorney to guide you through the process is a right that the Florida Constitution guarantees to landowners facing projects like this one. The Florida Constitution also guarantees that landowners will be represented through the process at no cost to them because the law dictates Florida Gas Transmission pay a percentage of any benefits we achieve for the landowner as attorneys fees. These fees are in addition to any compensation due to the landowner. At Gaylord Merlin we are committed to providing landowners throughout the state with the information and representation they need for these difficult times. For more specific project information please contact our firm at (813) 221-9000 or

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