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Amendment 4 & YOU!

By October 5, 2010No Comments

In the next 30 plus days, the fate of private property rights in the State of Florida will be decided as voters consider and vote on Amendment 4.

The polling on this issue shows the outcome of the Amendment 4 referendum rests in your hands.

On the evening of November 2, do you want the Florida media discussing Amendment 4’s passage or its overwhelming defeat?

The idea that property rights could conceivably be eviscerated in our state – that Florida’s economy could be dealt a blow from which it cannot recover – is no longer theoretical. It is all too real.

Votes are already being cast by absentee and early voters in the upcoming General Election. These votes will either be cast by voters who have been made aware of the serious ramifications of Amendment 4 and sound reasons for voting “NO on 4” or those who have not.

It is now up to you.

If you care about private property rights in our state and about the fate of Florida’s economy – there are a few easy and simple ways you can help.

Join your fellow CPR members and thousands of concerned citizens in communicating with friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, employees, clients and even members the general public about Amendment 4.

The difference between Amendment 4 passing or failing rests on your willingness to “take ownership” of the vote on Amendment 4 and to use the tools readily available to us in the statewide educational effort already underway.

It is our rights and our fight.

You can ensure the voters within your circle of influence know exactly what Amendment 4 is and why it is bad for Florida.

At CPR’s recent LAND RIGHTS RALLY & BBQ a few weeks ago, we outlined a variety of easy ways property and business owners could get involved in the grassroots effort to save property rights.

Here are a few easy ways to help:

1) Visit the website of “Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy, Inc.” (NO on 4 campaign) at and arm yourself with “The Facts on 4.” (The site contains a host of communications resources that any property owner in Florida can download and distribute.)

2) Register on the website to receive alerts & information which you can forward to your own e-contacts.

3) Write an email, “forward” information and alerts you receive from the NO on 4 campaign to your personal and professional e-contacts, or send physical letters to your friends, company clients, vendors, etc…

4) Citizens or companies with large e-contact databases can provide these lists directly to the “NO on 4” campaign – they have an e-communications plan already in place and underway to get information out to voters.

5) Bumper stickers & yard signs are great ways to help raise awareness.

6) Property and businesses can easily assist with telephone calls to voters – using lists & talking points provided by the NO on 4 campaign.

7) Citizens can hold signs & distribute literature at precincts on Election Day – directly reaching out to voters who will vote on Amendment 4.

8) Take 30 seconds to add a “NO on 4” message and link to site to your “address signature” at the bottom of your emails. Once added, every email you send will be a “NO on 4” educational message.

These are simple & easy ways anyone who values property rights can support the statewide effort to educate Florida voters on Amendment 4.
Take just a moment – consider the voting outcome you want to see on Amendment 4 and also consider the resources of time and energy you have at your disposal over the next 30 days…

Can YOU:

_ Find 10-15 minutes to write and send an email – if it would be read by 10-15 voters?

_ Take 30 minutes to make calls from a phone list – if you could reach out to 30 voters?

_ Acquire a “NO on 4” yard sign to place in your yard or outside your business – it might be seen by hundreds or even thousands of voters?

_ Sign up to work a precinct on election day – where you will have an opportunity to put information directly in the hands of voters walking in to cast votes on Amendment 4?

Personal action or inaction over the next 30 days will result in one of two scenarios:

Property owners will LISTEN IN SHOCK & HORROR to newscasts conveying the fact Amendment 4 was passed by voters unaware of the economic consequences…and we will wish we had gotten more involved in the last 30 days campaign and helped directly communicate with voters…


We can CELEBRATE the fact that Amendment 4 was soundly defeated by a collective statewide TEAM EFFORT- and we can take pride in knowing we played an absolutely vital role in educating enough voters on Amendment 4 to defeat this threat and save property rights in our State!
The individuals who support Amendment 4 are hoping to fool Florida voters. They are hoping you will be “too busy” to communicate and to personally volunteer. They are betting that a citizen communications army will not materialize – and that Florida voters will unknowingly vote away their property rights. They are betting their troops of environmental activists are willing to do what you will not and that you are going to once again sit back and let them dictate Florida’s economic future. If that makes you angry – it should. But anger must translate into personal political activism – or the advocates for Amendment 4 will be successful.

The fate of Amendment 4 now rests in the hands of individual citizens like you – who recognize what havoc Amendment 4 will wreak on Florida’s economy and who desire that Florida have an opportunity to return to prosperity.

Do not be confused about whose fight this is. Amendment 4 will lay a third layer of regulation across every property in Florida and impact the value of every parcel in our state.

This isn’t an attack on someone else’s rights or future – this is a direct attack on you, your property rights, and the economic opportunity open to all current and future Florida property owners…which may include your children and grandchildren. What will you tell them about Amendment 4 and your involvement?

And, if this isn’t enough, please consider the insidious work of the groups supporting Amendment 4….If this measure passes in Florida – they will then move on to other states. If land owners can be beaten in a state like Florida – property rights can be eliminated in other states across the nation through similar referendae…And once property rights are gone, which rights will they target next?


Will YOU take a personal stand for Property Rights today and over the next 30 days?

To participate in the educational effort – contact the “NO on 4” campaign directly by registering to VOLUNTEER online at or by emailing any of the regional field directors listed below who can link you up with the local volunteer activities in your region – OR contact CPR Executive Director Carol Saviak at 407-481-2289 or via email at

Reader responses always welcomed!

Carol Saviak, Executive Director
Coalition for Property Rights
2878 S. Osceola Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806
407-481-2289 telephone
407-481-0834 fax

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