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A Day for Hope

January 4, 2011

This week, in our state and national capitols and in public halls across Florida, thousands of citizen leaders are being sworn into office. These individuals have proven their abilities in winning elections and have rightfully earned the opportunity to serve and God willing, to lead.

Today represents a day of hope for property owners across America and the citizens who supported and voted for individuals they believed would support the language of the U.S. Constitution and would defend the ideals of freedom and free markets.

The 2010 Election was a referendum on the direction of our nation as voters showed a clear desire to return to America’s roots of less government and more prosperity.

In Florida, we have a unique opportunity. Both our legislative and executive branches will be led by pro-prosperity leaders who understand the negative impact of unlimited government.

Governor Rick Scott was sworn into office at noon today and will bring two important characteristics to the Governor’s office:  1) Personal faith in God from whom our natural rights are derived, and 2) A bold style of executive decision-making based on his extensive business experience, an asset not seen in the governor’s chair for decades, if ever.

In his campaign, Governor Rick Scott clearly conveyed where he stood on the economy and of specific interest to property owners, on regulation.  It is clear he understands unnecessary regulation stifles economic growth. In his address, Governor Scott was refreshingly candid about his priorities as Governor and included specific references to the need for regulatory reform in Florida. (To view the full text of Governor Scott’s inaugural address, click on the following link: )

Here is a brief excerpt from Governor Scott’s address:

“What does it take to create that favorable business climate? Florida has to offer the best chance for financial success. Not a guarantee -just the best chance. Three forces markedly reduce that chance for success- taxation…regulation…and litigation. Together those three form “The Axis of Unemployment”. Left unchecked they choke off productive activity. Florida has wisely refused to impose an income tax. Under my plan we’ll eliminate the business tax and reduce the property tax.The State of Florida raises enough revenues to meet its needs. It should focus on spending those revenues smarter, setting better priorities and demanding more accountability. We’ll also re-examine every regulation to make sure its benefits outweigh its costs. Unless they are pruned. Regulations grow like weeds. While there are SOME regulations that are essential for health and safety, and others that are essential to the protection of our priceless environment, it’s PAST TIME to demand that every regulation be re-evaluated. We will conduct a top to bottom review of all state regulations and weed out unnecessary ones that hinder job creation. Today, I will sign an Executive Order creating a State Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform to review all proposed and existing regulations to determine their impact on job creation.”

In Washington, D.C., another proponent of property rights, Senator Marco Rubio, will also be taking the oath of office this week. He is joined by other individuals elected in the national push to reclaim America, such as Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, former president of the Club for Growth. There is reason to hope this new wave of Congressional leaders will address the dramatic expansion of federal regulation and spending during recent years.

In cities and counties, there are new local representatives being sworn in who campaigned on and embrace free-market values.

Today represents a day of hope. Hope that these individuals will not simply espouse these beliefs, but actually apply them.  Hope that these leaders will lead Florida and America forward and away from the dangerous path toward socialism.  Hope that these citizen servants will serve the best interests of the people and not specific interests.  Hope that the practice of appeasement will end – when appeasing a vocal minority means robbing property owners and other citizens of freedom and economic opportunity.

Today must also be a day of resolve…not merely for these new office holders, but for the citizens who are not participating in the inaugural celebrations today – but instead are working to pay the bills. The property owners and taxpayers whose labor funds local, state and federal government operations cannot forget their post-election roles.

We must each resolve to be active in communicating with these office holders. We must embrace the label of “activist” in the effort to redirect our nation’s course and to join generations of Americans in the sacrifice of our time and resources to the effort of maintaining the most free and prosperous nation on earth.

If we do not communicate when issues are being debated, these officials will bend their ears to other voices who are not lobbying for policies of freedom or prosperity. In the past, it is not only the officials who have failed us, but we have also failed ourselves in not holding officials accountable every day they hold office when we see them voting to unravel America’s foundation of freedom.


1) Take 1 minute today – to send an email to Governor Rick Scott, Senator Marco Rubio or any of your state or local office holders. Encourage them to “Take a stand for property rights and prosperity in the New Year.” Let them know that you are personally resolving to be active in monitoring their service and communicating with them on issues of important to you in the New Year. (Key email addresses & links: Governor Rick Scott:, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll:, Find your State Senator:, Find your State Representative:, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Congressional Representatives:

2)  JOIN CPR Today – Become an official member of CPR today via our safe and secure online service and join us in the work of promoting and defending property rights in Florida.  Join today at any level and show your civic pride in being an active part of the effort to hold government officials accountable.  Join today online at A membership form which can be printed and mailed in to CPR, 2878 S. Osceola Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806 is also available at this link.

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