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Gaylord Merlin Partner Covered Key Condemnation Cases with HCBA

Last week, Blake Gaylord spoke to the Hillsborough County Bar Association’s (HCBA) Eminent Domain Committee on Condemnation in Federal District Courts with an Emphasis on the Natural Gas Act.  Currently, two natural gas companies are in the process of condemning property across the state of Florida.  These cases are pending now in the Northen, Middle and Southern District Courts of Florida.  The natural gas companies are seeking immediate possession of private property for a 36” gas pipeline.  These cases present complex legal issues that require knowledge and experience of both state and Federal eminent domain law. 

Gaylord Merlin is a statewide leader in the fight against these companies in Federal Court. Blake currently serves as Chair of HCBA’s Eminent Domain Committee.   

For more information on the group, visit the HCBA Eminent Domain Committee page.